Thank YOU!

I want to take time to personally thank all of the conservative grass roots individuals and groups who rose up and answered the call to resist an attempt by the Wisconsin GOP legislature to, in the dark of night, pull a fast one on We the People and open another avenue for the left to cheat at elections.

The bill SB946, would have allowed opening and counting of election ballots on the Monday before Election Day Tuesday and feed them into a voting machine. We were told that no count would be taken until after 8PM when polls closed on Tuesday. That is not true. There is no way for a voting machine not to tabulate in real time as the votes are fed in. GOP members in the legislature naively believe that Democrat poll watchers could be trusted not to reveal vote counts on Monday. Are you kidding me? This would allow them to know ahead of time how much of a deficit they have to overcome to steal an election. This would have allowed Democrats to use phantom votes to overcome any deficit. It would be like giving them a running head start in a race. Who would do this? Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate majority Leader Devin LeMahieu would. Whose side are they on anyway? Certainly not ours.

Because of your diligence and your quick action to spread the truth about SB946 the GOP Senate heard the backlash and wisely decided to not call for a vote on this vote cheating bill. Had you not made your voice heard, this would have sailed through with GOP approval.

Assembly Speaker Vos went outside the normal process for new legislation and attached this Monday count as an amendment to the original bill. That may sound confusing but everything about bill making is.  Vos exploited that confusion and lied to us about what this amendment would allow. This is the same guy that approved use of ballot drop boxes bypassing the legislative process.  He bypassed the new legislation process that would have required it to be placed on the calendar for a scheduled public hearing. He went around the Committee on Elections and assigned it to state affairs not even giving it an executive committee vote. He to this day has never said why he pulled this fast one.  Vos did not want to hear from you on this. He got 56 GOP members to vote to approve this in the Assembly. Three did not.  It was called late in the evening when no one read the amendment to the bill. Most were tired and wanted to go home. Vos knew that.

This Monday cheating bill has been something the Democrats have long wanted. Vos secretly met with them and got their approval on it. Every Democrat voted in the assembly in approval and Governor Evers signaled that he would sign it. What does that tell you? When do Democrats in the state legislature vote unanimously on a GOP bill?  Only when it favors them.

Vos tried to pull a fast one. We caught him because of your quick action.

Speaker Vos continues to order us to get in line and on board and lectures us that the Democrats are the enemy. I disagree. With this slimy move by Vos, he showed that the enemy is among us. We still have the wrong people on the bus and until we get them off and the right people on, We the People refuse to let the bus move forward. This grass roots movement is real. We are not mindless idiots like Vos thinks we are. Message to the GOP legislature: We will be heard, we won’t take no for an answer on things important to us, we are not going away, and we are watching you. You need a reminder that we want to be represented, not ruled.

With heartfelt gratitude

David A. Clarke Jr

President Rise Up Wisconsin