Agenda for Wisconsin

  1. Election reform. A total ban on mail in voting, post election canvasses to be done by hand count, standardized rules for early voting and an end to same day registration. Abolish the Wisconsin Election Commission (state legislators write election law to be followed). Courts to determine disputes, not this unelected partisan group.
  2. Pro-Life legislation.
  3. End to career politicians. Term Limits for Governor, State Legislature, Attorney General Secretary of State and Dept. of Public Instruction Superintendent and all Supreme Court and Court of Appeals judges and Local Mayors.
  4. End to the state income tax.
  5. End to Governor’s unilateral state of emergency powers. No more 60 day window, no more determining people by essential and non essential. Must have legislative approval. (Limited Government). End to government mask mandates and occupancy levels. No religious freedom restrictions.
  6. School reform allowing any parent regardless of income level to opt out of the school district and receive a voucher to place their child in a school of their choice. Includes transportation cost. A ban on forced indoctrination by prohibiting Critical Race Theory or any other race or gender based curriculum or sex education not approved by the parent first.
  7. A ban on vaccine passport implementation throughout the state that prohibits businesses from requiring them to work or public venues/events as part of admission.
  8. Strengthening constitutional guarantees including an expansion of guns rights like permit-less concealed carry. Enacting statewide sanctuary 2A status that protects local communities. Passing nullification legislation against federally mandated unconstitutional gun control orders.
  9. Legislation protecting business owners during riots and empowering them to use force up to and including deadly force to protect themselves and their businesses when the social order collapses and police protection is overwhelmed or stand down orders are issued by police officials.
  10. No Drivers licenses for illegals. Period.

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